The one about words and senses.

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The one about being authentic to yourself.

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We have all been blessed with the gift of life. Nothing we receive from the universe is eternal. Just like everything else, all life must come to an end. We have both life and death within us. When we kill another life, We become death itself. Our spirit is corrupted by the loss of another […]

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A child is born into this world. Created by the cosmos, made out of pixie dust. The connection to the cosmos is cut when the child breathes the sins of our planet. A child with its palms held together holding the potential to change the world. When the tears of its pure soul brings happiness […]

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Rise & Fall

The human race was built by the cosmos to fall. Everything was built to fall, Whether it’s a cell or a star. From birth, we were taught to get back up but not to fall. Nobody learns to fall, it’s something that happens on it’s own. It’s the nature of life. You have a choice, […]

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