The one about recognising where you stand from where you came from.

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The one about the dreams that feel so real.

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The Fight To Survive

As I stood there with the sun blinding my vision, I felt frozen to the ground. A million voices shouting in my head trying to pacify my rage. The pain and the hunger so profound. I asked myself, “why am I the one?” I wanted to write my story but alas I’m not so fortunate […]

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Teenage Tragedy

She killed him. He believed that he could get a second chance at life and at everything. He believed that good things do happen. He believed. Now he stayed there trying to figure himself out. His mind filled with thoughts. He was once happy, she made him happy, happier than any teenager could ever be. […]

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Through Her Eyes

She watched the the clouds moving towards each other, it happened so fast yet so slow. The sun masked by the clouds shadowed the earth and the earth prepared itself. The spirit of the Gods washed the earth with purity. The first raindrop fell on her window followed by another and an another. She clenched […]

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