The one about self love and self worth.

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When dad ain’t around, I shall come into town, Killing your frown. Your demons, they will drown. You pretty as ever in your gown. I will be on my knees when I get down, To ask you a question that I’ve pondered on, for quite sometime now. The words that are engraved on my shrine, […]

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Get Inspired #7

We make mistakes in our lives, and we end up regretting them. We want to go back and undo those changes. We always are in search of a new start, a new alias just so that you can be the person you are right now and not who you were. You were a loser in […]

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Just The Tip #6

Pain haunts you, feeds of you and never lets go of you. You can wait for the pain to die down or you can channel your excessive emotions into something. You’re good at writing, channel all your thoughts onto the paper, write those thoughts in accordance with your past so that sufferers can suffer less. […]

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To Be Or Not To Be

I was scared of what I was slowly becoming but at the same time I wanted it. I hated who I was turning into but at the same time I loved her too. I wanted to be loved but at the same time I didn’t. But every time I told myself everything will be okay, […]

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“When you love someone, you say it. You say it out loud. Even if it burns your world to the ground, you say it and go from there” – Mark Sloan (Grey’s Anatomy) Regrets haunt us. They haunt us for a long time until something compensates your loss. The need to do something but not […]

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Way We See

We fall in love with the people who are as imperfect as us. We fall in love with people who are ready to accept our imperfections. We fall in love with the people who are as scarred as us because we want our scars to match. The scars that reminds us of the battles we […]

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