Change Has Changed

We’re all children of this world. Driven forward by our dreams. And held back by our past. Where there is a struggle to move on, rather than to move forward. Where we’re haunted by the visions of our past. When lovers and haters trap us in this void. We realize the lovers are the haters. […]

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Just How It Is

You knew she never loved you. Or loved you as much as you did. All those signs she showed and yet you followed her through the darkness. All she wanted to do was lead you in and leave you there. You thought she was with you the whole time, holding your hands through the darkness, […]

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Building Walls

Sometimes people build this wall around themselves. Not all people. Just people who are hanging by a thread. The thing about this wall is there is no way to enter it nor exit it unless the person inside it decides to make a small hole through it. The thing is, it’s a test. A test […]

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Teenage Tragedy

She killed him. He believed that he could get a second chance at life and at everything. He believed that good things do happen. He believed. Now he stayed there trying to figure himself out. His mind filled with thoughts. He was once happy, she made him happy, happier than any teenager could ever be. […]

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