The one about having and being everything.

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The one about self love and self worth.

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Dreamcatcher #3

On earth, people spend millions of dollars making movies, thousands on products that have no value whatsoever but on the very same earth, people starve for weeks without water and food because there isn’t any for them.

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7 billion people and counting. A world where life was formed just to survive alone and not survive together. A world where the fittest are actually the weakest. Our history books filled with blood and sorrow. All we see are the pictures and the words but not the pain behind all that suffering. A world […]

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A Broken Home

It happened everyday. Everyday he had to watch and feel the same pain over and over again. There seemed no end to it. At one point he got used to it, he knew that it would never stop. But what he did not know is that with every punch on the face he took or […]

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Words Are A B*tch

Humans have the ability to communicate. The way to interact far more advanced than any species on earth. Okay, enough with the scientific intro. Words are powerful. Words can influence. Words can change. Words can motivate. Words can destroy. Words give you hope. The way you speak to another person defines your way of life. […]

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