The one about the dreams that feel so real.

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The one about why I keep this blog anonymous.

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A child is born into this world. Created by the cosmos, made out of pixie dust. The connection to the cosmos is cut when the child breathes the sins of our planet. A child with its palms held together holding the potential to change the world. When the tears of its pure soul brings happiness […]

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When dad ain’t around, I shall come into town, Killing your frown. Your demons, they will drown. You pretty as ever in your gown. I will be on my knees when I get down, To ask you a question that I’ve pondered on, for quite sometime now. The words that are engraved on my shrine, […]

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When a child is born, it’s unaware of its surroundings. Oblivious. It has no idea about the wars being fought or the blood being shed or the tears falling down. A child is born with tears and with a cry that makes the onlookers happy. A cry that announces to the world of it’s presence. […]

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