It’s hard to digest the fact that, there are more tears on this planet than water.

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Just The Tip #4

You will have ups and downs in your life. You must. It’s a natural instinct. To taste something sweet you must taste something sour beforehand. You’ll be numb if you constantly taste the sugar. This won’t change.

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Just The Tip #2

Listen to music that distracts your pain and adds new feelings to your system. You choose the genre, whatever gets you through the night, hang on to it. Even if people give you hell for listening to it.

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Bucket-Lists are stupid. It’s because you are making a list for the ‘future’. You don’t get to live your life everyday. Go with the flow and improvise your list mentally. No paper can define your desires.

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We’re all different stories written by the same author. You get to decide your genre.

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And in the end we all become stories. You write your own story, choose your genre and make sure that it’s a good one because you’ll be remembered by the life you led. Everyone likes a good story. Oh and none of that once a upon time or happily ever after hypocrisy.

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Dreams are painfully beautiful. One minute you’re living the moments that were once forgotten and the next you’re staring into complete darkness.

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