We’re all constantly in motion. We’re always doing something even without us realizing it. Our lives are dragged in to a rattrap with money and a early retirement plan as bait. All we care about is earning that monthly paycheck from a company that doesn’t even recognize your existence and work for a CEO that […]

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Get Inspired #4

The desire to dream is in each and every one of us. The desire to grow. It’s not just us, every living species has the instinct to grow. It’s is the way of life. But for us growth doesn’t always have to be about growing in height. It’s about growing out of your shell. Thinking […]

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We’re all different stories written by the same author. You get to decide your genre.

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A Broken Home

It happened everyday. Everyday he had to watch and feel the same pain over and over again. There seemed no end to it. At one point he got used to it, he knew that it would never stop. But what he did not know is that with every punch on the face he took or […]

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There is something about the nights that intrigues me. I don’t know if it’s the stars. Or the superheroes gliding through the sky at night. The time when the broken comes alive is the night. When the sun finally sets, the moon is visible in the sky. Just like the broken, when their presence is […]

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He Had Hope

Day after day he cried himself to sleep. While others slept in the night, he stayed awake in the darkness because he felt that’s where he truly belonged. The only time where the only sounds he could hear were the sound of his own cry. The darkness and the silence were a haven for him. […]

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