New Day

The one about seizing the moment and to rise to the occasion every single day.

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The one about self love and self worth.

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Hormonal Butterflies

It’s weird to notice how a couple of chemical reactions in our body can produce something so profoundly beautiful. It is a sin and a blessing to feel. To feel emotions. We think that our lives would be so much easier if we could just shut our feelings down, dump them in the darkest corner […]

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She grew up as a child with endless happiness, enumerating joy. When she ran across the field that spread across endlessly. When the winds carried her feet across the expansion, When time itself slowed down just to see her move gracefully. Her eyes were bright, reflecting her soul to the world. All the souls of […]

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A New Beginning

When the sun goes down, the moon comes up to prove its worth and when the moon gets hidden, the sun comes back to prove its worth. We live our lives with a pace that is altered by our decisions and when something goes wrong that causes harm when repaired we want a second chance. […]

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A Broken Home

It happened everyday. Everyday he had to watch and feel the same pain over and over again. There seemed no end to it. At one point he got used to it, he knew that it would never stop. But what he did not know is that with every punch on the face he took or […]

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Gray Winters

The cold embrace chills your bone beyond point of no warmth. Every breeze that blows across the horizon reminds you of your past. When you walked the same path but things were different then. When the winter solace numbs your senses and you’re paralyzed beyond movement. Your tears get frozen before they even hit the […]

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