The one about being authentic to yourself.

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The one about why we fall and get back up.

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Nothing remains motionless in this universe. We move within our own little world that is enclosed among many other worlds in a world all together.  You are born in to the shoes of someone who’s fate has already been written. Yet we have choices and decisions that alter our lives in its own ways.  If […]

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Silence Silences

We’re all afraid to die. It just depends on when you realize it. But deep down we all fear the coming of the oblivion. There is death around us everywhere. If people saw death everywhere, life wouldn’t be called life would it? We walk down the roads that were once walked upon by those who […]

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Imagine sleeping under a million stars above you. The star is completely unaware of your existence and yet it still glows for you. When the silence of the night is in a symphony with the lights of the night or with the winds of the earth or with the sound of the crickets announcing their […]

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