We’re all constantly in motion. We’re always doing something even without us realizing it. Our lives are dragged in to a rattrap with money and a early retirement plan as bait. All we care about is earning that monthly paycheck from a company that doesn’t even recognize your existence and work for a CEO that […]

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Against The Nature?

People since times immemorial have considered certain groups of human beings as being against the nature. Whether it might be Homosexuals or Transgenders they are now considered as being against the nature. People feel that they break the natural order of humanity. Yeah sure, mass murdering thousands of people in the name of peace is […]

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The Story Of A True War Hero

She stood with her feet firm on the ground ready to take on whatever life threw at her. Holding her father’s hand she watched from far the park destroyed in front of her eyes. When she asked her father what happened, he said that soldiers dropped a bomb that destroyed her park and everything around […]

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