Wheels & LegsĀ 

The one about seeing the world differently.

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We’re all constantly in motion. We’re always doing something even without us realizing it. Our lives are dragged in to a rattrap with money and a early retirement plan as bait. All we care about is earning that monthly paycheck from a company that doesn’t even recognize your existence and work for a CEO that […]

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Hormonal Butterflies

It’s weird to notice how a couple of chemical reactions in our body can produce something so profoundly beautiful. It is a sin and a blessing to feel. To feel emotions. We think that our lives would be so much easier if we could just shut our feelings down, dump them in the darkest corner […]

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The Way Of The World

We give importance to the things that doesn’t even require the smallest of attention. We worship people who have done nothing. We fight for scenarios that aren’t even reasonable. There isn’t a sort of order in the way things work. Humans are categorised on the basis of their fame and looks and not of their […]

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The Frustrated Female (Adult)

Cigarettes, drugs and booze is what fuelled her mornings. She’s been living in that ‘craphole’ as she considers it for the last 5 years and she’s due on rent for the last 5 months. Day after day the owner knocks her door down asking her to pay but she’s too lost in her own high […]

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He Had Hope

Day after day he cried himself to sleep. While others slept in the night, he stayed awake in the darkness because he felt that’s where he truly belonged. The only time where the only sounds he could hear were the sound of his own cry. The darkness and the silence were a haven for him. […]

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Words Are A B*tch

Humans have the ability to communicate. The way to interact far more advanced than any species on earth. Okay, enough with the scientific intro. Words are powerful. Words can influence. Words can change. Words can motivate. Words can destroy. Words give you hope. The way you speak to another person defines your way of life. […]

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