The sailors looked up to the stars to guide them through the oceans of life. Like a son looking up to his father. The creation looking up to the creator. Like fireflies in a cave trying to pave a way to those who stumble upon it. All it takes is a flash in the night […]

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Second Chance

I could still hear the sound of the flatline haunting my thoughts. They say nothing lasts forever, but I thought I would be the first one to go but she did. It all happened so fast that I’m reliving the moment everyday. The pain never seems to fade away. The sun, the moon and the […]

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Through Her Eyes

She watched the the clouds moving towards each other, it happened so fast yet so slow. The sun masked by the clouds shadowed the earth and the earth prepared itself. The spirit of the Gods washed the earth with purity. The first raindrop fell on her window followed by another and an another. She clenched […]

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