Looking Back

The one about looking back.

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We’re all constantly in motion. We’re always doing something even without us realizing it. Our lives are dragged in to a rattrap with money and a early retirement plan as bait. All we care about is earning that monthly paycheck from a company that doesn’t even recognize your existence and work for a CEO that […]

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Hormonal Butterflies

It’s weird to notice how a couple of chemical reactions in our body can produce something so profoundly beautiful. It is a sin and a blessing to feel. To feel emotions. We think that our lives would be so much easier if we could just shut our feelings down, dump them in the darkest corner […]

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She grew up as a child with endless happiness, enumerating joy. When she ran across the field that spread across endlessly. When the winds carried her feet across the expansion, When time itself slowed down just to see her move gracefully. Her eyes were bright, reflecting her soul to the world. All the souls of […]

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Silence Silences

We’re all afraid to die. It just depends on when you realize it. But deep down we all fear the coming of the oblivion. There is death around us everywhere. If people saw death everywhere, life wouldn’t be called life would it? We walk down the roads that were once walked upon by those who […]

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Imagine sleeping under a million stars above you. The star is completely unaware of your existence and yet it still glows for you. When the silence of the night is in a symphony with the lights of the night or with the winds of the earth or with the sound of the crickets announcing their […]

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