The one about self love and self worth.

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Hormonal Butterflies

It’s weird to notice how a couple of chemical reactions in our body can produce something so profoundly beautiful. It is a sin and a blessing to feel. To feel emotions. We think that our lives would be so much easier if we could just shut our feelings down, dump them in the darkest corner […]

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Silence Silences

We’re all afraid to die. It just depends on when you realize it. But deep down we all fear the coming of the oblivion. There is death around us everywhere. If people saw death everywhere, life wouldn’t be called life would it? We walk down the roads that were once walked upon by those who […]

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Lost In Loss

When you lose something you cannot replace, your mind is driven to a state of absolute loss. Just like that, the person who meant everything to you is taken away from you in a heartbeat. The human mind is consumed with dismay and chaos. So we’re first consumed with emptiness and then the feelings kick […]

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A Broken Home

It happened everyday. Everyday he had to watch and feel the same pain over and over again. There seemed no end to it. At one point he got used to it, he knew that it would never stop. But what he did not know is that with every punch on the face he took or […]

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There is something about the nights that intrigues me. I don’t know if it’s the stars. Or the superheroes gliding through the sky at night. The time when the broken comes alive is the night. When the sun finally sets, the moon is visible in the sky. Just like the broken, when their presence is […]

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The Frustrated Female (Adult)

Cigarettes, drugs and booze is what fuelled her mornings. She’s been living in that ‘craphole’ as she considers it for the last 5 years and she’s due on rent for the last 5 months. Day after day the owner knocks her door down asking her to pay but she’s too lost in her own high […]

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