Looking Back

The one about looking back.

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He Had Hope

Day after day he cried himself to sleep. While others slept in the night, he stayed awake in the darkness because he felt that’s where he truly belonged. The only time where the only sounds he could hear were the sound of his own cry. The darkness and the silence were a haven for him. […]

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Words Are A B*tch

Humans have the ability to communicate. The way to interact far more advanced than any species on earth. Okay, enough with the scientific intro. Words are powerful. Words can influence. Words can change. Words can motivate. Words can destroy. Words give you hope. The way you speak to another person defines your way of life. […]

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Is The Future Ready For Us?

Have you ever wondered why you were created? Why you had to be chosen and brought to Earth to live? Have you wondered what is the point of all of this? What is beyond this universe or what is beyond the earth itself? We never question things. We just accept the circumstances given to us. […]

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