The one about why I keep this blog anonymous.

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A Year! Already?

Time is an illusion only deceiving the human mind. Labyrinth Of Your Mind turned one! A time when genesis repeated itself, when everything has changed but still remains the same. Gratitude is of the essence, as time grew by carrying me along with it, my words branched from which, started from a mere seed. A […]

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The sailors looked up to the stars to guide them through the oceans of life. Like a son looking up to his father. The creation looking up to the creator. Like fireflies in a cave trying to pave a way to those who stumble upon it. All it takes is a flash in the night […]

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Thank You!

This is truly a moment of happiness for me. It is because my blog just got 1000+ views in total! This number might be small to all the prolific bloggers out there. It is a big one for me because when I started to write on this blog, I thought nobody would pay a hint […]

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A Broken Home

It happened everyday. Everyday he had to watch and feel the same pain over and over again. There seemed no end to it. At one point he got used to it, he knew that it would never stop. But what he did not know is that with every punch on the face he took or […]

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Words Are A B*tch

Humans have the ability to communicate. The way to interact far more advanced than any species on earth. Okay, enough with the scientific intro. Words are powerful. Words can influence. Words can change. Words can motivate. Words can destroy. Words give you hope. The way you speak to another person defines your way of life. […]

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