Sea Level

On the constant pursuit towards the blue ahead, it is easy to to get lost when surrounded by colours of the same shade all around.

As above, so below and everything is the same.

But knowing and accepting that there is a line that seperates the above and the below, makes all the difference.

It is not to give in, but it is a decision of awareness and to be grateful for the line that separates the two realms.

It is easy to view one side as superior to the other but the concept of the two realms being different is a mere illusion of the mind, a mind that wants to see and accept things as something more than what they are.

Just like how we want others to see us more than what we really are. To accept us as more than just souls existing and walking on this plane towards the blue.

Duality is expressed in many forms in this plane of existance. Good and Bad, Life and Death, Heaven and Hell.

For somehting to exist, there must be an opposite to it. This exists to counter the existence and creation of something new to the grand scale of the universe, to maintain its balance that is ever so still and precise.

To balance the dualities that exists within us and to accept the realms that exist on this plane and to be grateful to walk the ground that life grows from, is the purpose that we all sought after.

The tree of life, metaphorically and in all its literal sense, extends a part of itself downwards and a part of itself upwards in to the skies above, conquering both the worlds but still remains on the plane of the mortals for all to see.

The tree of life conquered both the realms of existence, conquering life itself and becoming life itself.



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