Paper Lanterns

Everything seems to go so fast.

It just feels like I turned 10 yesterday, surrounded by people that are so far away from me now.

Close your eyes for a second and just like that, another day is gone by.

Another day,  lost to time forever.

You stare in disbelief at how that could happen, and just like that another day is gone.

I am scared at the waves carrying me so fast in to a future that I am trying so hard to shape, but it is the waves that molds the sea shore according to its will and I am just another pebble carried by it towards the future that gets closer with every breath.

We all had those days, when we feel the day just doesn’t seem to move forward.

These days that were so abundant when we were children watching the paint dry, but as we get older, the occurences of those days just gets slimmer and slimmer.

Then we reach a point, where it is just how it was when we were young, when we had all the time in the world, when the realities of the world was still unknown to us and we had the strength of the universe within us.

But the catch is, now everything has changed but time has slowed down, so that you can enjoy as much of earth as you can before death faces you on the path that you tread on.



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