The nights get shorter and the days get longer as time goes by.

Rethinking decisions that got us to where we are today.

Guided by the light that emanates from within, we move forward fighting the fog that clouds the soul with doubt.

Surrounded by people that lift us up on their shoulders, bearing the weight of our past, we are lifted up in to the air to a place where our dreams feel a little closer and a little clearer.

We see the visions in our head over and over again that guides us as a compass towards what we were created for.

We got here through years of being lost and in search of someone to pull us out of the maze that we created only for us to realise that we were the key to escaping what we created.

We climb higher and higher and with every fall, our grip over the climb becomes more stronger.

When you have seen it all, there is nothing that can take you by surpise anymore. With every step higher, we see the world around more clearly.

In the days back then, when it was the nights that comforted us after a long day, now we look forward to the sunrise after every night as it reminds us of who we are right now.

So rise.






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