Ever had one of those dreams where everything feels so real?

All of your past experiences, memories and deep buried desires come to life in the most vivid way imaginable.

Your dreams are the manifestations of what you desire or once desired.

But there are certain nights where you dream of the things that you once thought that you had gotten over them.

But as time progressed, you had to bury these memories and desires as the world around you changed. These are the thoughts that pops in the back of your head every once in a while. The thoughts that take you back to a version of yourself that you evolved from.

As the moonlight falls through the window, your spirit with the power of your brain gets carried forward through different dimensions.

It feels so real.

It feels as if you were actually living this version of reality in a parallel universe.

You get convinced that what is happening to you is actually real and you believe it. Not because you want to but because it feels so real.

Everything you wished for once would is happening right in front of you. The rush, the emotions and the feelings, all feel so real.

You never want this to end. You only wish that this would continue a little longer.

Then something happens.

The spirit which is travelling through the different dimensions slows down as your physical body experiences discomfort due to an external stimuli.

You wake up in the darkness and the world that you were in flashes before your eyes in incomplete fashion.

First you see the images and then you feel the void that is expanding in your chest. The feeling of loss. When reality becomes an illusion.

You were so close to having it all and now it is over.

But that experience brings back all the repressed thoughts and desires that you once thought were forgotten.

You sit in the darkness contemplating all that has happened and wishing that it was real.

You go back to sleep with a hope that you will cross the bridge that seperated the two realities to go back to continue the story that was left incomplete.

You do this to get closure.

To experience something you have always wanted and to put an end to it because you are content with the life you have now and you don’t want to go back.



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