There is a reason why I keep the blog anonymous.

Anonymity evokes a feeling of curiosity. The urge that rises from within to put a face to the words. The curiosity that makes your work more pleasing to the readers. The reader creates a vivid image of how he percieves you to be in his head and he judges all your work based on this imaginary silouhette.

In the reader’s head your are the exact visualisation of your words. An anonymous blog always makes the readers go, “what kind of person must have written these words?”.

This isn’t done so as the writer is shy or proud of his works. It is done for the readers. When a reader can relate to the writer’s words, the reader assumes that the writer must have gone through the same thing the reader must have gone through and hence he is able to write such pieces. But whether the writer has undergone such experiences is a mystery but it is that feeling of comfort that the reader gets,  that makes the anonymity worth it.

We humans are to quick to assume. When there is a face behind the words, we tend to think how a person like that could have gone through something like what he describes as in his words. Sure, the blog is on a more intimate level as the writer is confident enough to reveal his identity but that mystery and that curiosity that the readers feel is diminished.

This makes the reader reconsider his perception of you and your words. It is simple human nature. The fact is that the mind behind the words is still the same but the face that carries that message forward is different than how one percieved to be.

Maybe a small example would clear this up.

If a beautiful piece of poetry is written by a student and is shown to the teacher without the teacher knowing who has written it, the teacher would relate the quality of the work with many famous poets without knowing who has actually written it. But when the face behind the words is revealed, the teacher cannot comprehend the fact that a mere student could have written such words.

I write my words with a hope of connecting with you, the readers on a deeper level. I hope you will continue to read my words and continue to relate with them and I hope that the imaginary version that you have envisioned of me is a pretty cool one.



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