I feel like the world has forgotten the past.

Every human being carries the spirit of the universe within their being.

With every generation passing by, I feel like we are losing pieces of ourselves and our spirit to time.

Attaining the highest form of connection with the universe should be a goal that everyone should carry in their hearts.

So many lives are carried on everyday without asking the most important questions because they do not want to know the answers to them.

This has nothing to do with religion.

Religion is something you associate yourself with the basis of external influences.

But what I am referring to is the association with yourself to the universe and this is only possible if you choose to undergo this journey.

It is more of an act to trace back to our roots.

We humans are species with such potential to revolutionize the world for everyone.

We want divine intervention in our lives. We pray for that connection.

But what we don’t realize is that the connection that we have been longing for is actually within us.

But the bridge that connects the two dimensions is broken. As every following generation stops using the bridge, the medium is neglected and it ages with time.

This sacred connection is waiting to be activated within each and every one of us.

The reason why there is so much chaos in this world is because from the enlightened beings we once were, we lost our connection with the divine spirit and we are making our way to the primal way of living and thinking.

Many people are unaware of such a connection. They still look up at the skies waiting for someone to come and cure their pain.

But all they have to do is take a good look inside themselves.



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