Master of Fate

I don’t believe in words like luck and referring to someone as being chosen.

These words dismiss reality and they often lead to forming blur conclusions.

When people look at successful people, it is often perceived that these people have the odds in their favour.

The reason behind this misconception is that people only see the applause and the commendations once the curtains have closed and not the hard work and the effort that takes place behind the curtains.

I want to rephrase the term luck and define it in my own way and provide new perspective on it.

Like I said earlier, I don’t believe in the term luck due to its conventional meaning but I see the concept of luck differently.

Luck is nothing but seizing the opportunity that is presented to someone by the universe only because their actions and visions have led them to that moment.

The universe observes those who want something.

The universe watches over those who work towards what they want.

But the universe favours those who want it more than anyone else and works towards it harder than anyone else.

Luck and being chosen for something is the universe’s way of repaying your efforts.

It is as simple as this.

Those who have the power to visualise their thoughts and are able to paint the perfect painting of what they see in their head are the people who are able to dream their visions into reality and are the successful people we see around us.

There is nothing called as destiny or fate that is pre-written to your birth. We are masters of our own fate. We have the power to influence the surroundings by influencing ourselves first rather than let the wave carry you where it pleases.

The divine spirit of the universe exists within us and it is us who are behind the helm to drive that spirit forward.


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