I preach about a lot of things on this blog.

The words I write are pieces of emotions and experiences of my being.

Every post I write, I write it by taking a long stare at who I am and at what I am doing and at what I am going to do.

I do this because I know that I cannot lie to myself and this helps me to be truthful.

So every single word that I write, I truly preach it.

It’s always easy to tell the world how it should be but your suggestions are only as good as your actions.

When someone reads your words and when they can relate to it, they are relating to your soul.

This higher connection will only occur when your words are genuine.

It’s that special feeling when your words mean just as much to someone as it does to you.

A song that is heard after years brings out the older version of yourself into existence and all those old memories rise above.

The power of sound.

When you smell the aroma of a particular food, the scent takes you back to your childhood.

Forgotten conversations, blurred faces, all come back to life as bright they once were.

It’s a beautiful feeling to regain that part of your past once again. To find the missing piece of your soul or in layman terms, finding closure.

It just shows how powerful our repressed memories can be. We bury them deep only for them to be awakened without our control.

But it’s the awakening of these memories that acts as a milestone between different phases of your life.

When these memories are awakened, we can truly see how far we have come.

To realise this, to experience this, is to truly believe that we have made it. This acts as the full stop to that segment of your past once and for all.


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