Looking Back

It feels really surreal.

That feeling when you realise that you are different than who you once were and that you have come such a long way.

I think we all need to take time off for introspection. You can take that time off for positive reasons or you can get lost in the past.

A single brick placed on the ground won’t look like a house. But a brick when added to the puzzle every single day, results in a beautiful house one day.

That’s exactly how change works. You don’t see yourself changing everyday. But when you look back at who you once were a few months back and who you are now, the difference is visible.

There has to be a difference because change is life.

We evolve into better versions of ourselves and if you think that you haven’t changed even the slightest then the time is forever lost to the winds without a purpose.

I write these things because I can relate to what I write.

I started this blog for a purpose that is lost to time. As I change, my writings also change. My purpose behind this blog is redefined with every post.

The change I see in my posts is staggering. To me my writing is a testament to my change.

The words I use, the way I see the world, the way I express emotions, changes with time.

Now this change must be for the better because that’s when the nostalgia is the sweetest.

To know that you have come such great lengths and know that it was all worth it.

All the tough decisions and the endless nights waiting for the sun to come out.

All the people that disappeared as fast as they came.

All the lost opportunities.

All the love that vanished but yet remained small enough to remind us of the past.

Every writer puts a piece of his soul into the words he writes.

These words act as the bridge between our souls.

Be someone who the past version of yourself is proud of.

Be someone who the future version of yourself can look up to.


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