We have this urge to prove our worth to the world.

To show the world what we are truly capable of.

Why do we need to prove ourselves to the world when there is only one person whom we need to prove it to?

It’s because we seek approval.

We want the world to accept our progress and to realise how far we have come.

We want the world to see us at our best.

It’s almost as if the sole reason we want to excel in life is just for others to know that we can succeed.

But let me tell you something. The world absolutely does not give a damn about your personal feats and your milestones on the path to greatness.

I want all of us to win. But what I saying is I don’t want us to win just to prove a point to someone other than yourself.

The only person who you should be trying make proud of is yourself because your opinion on yourself and your actions is what matters the most.

Your decisions and your actions should be taken purely because you want to and not because the world wants you to.

Work for your success and work harder every single day because you want to see yourself successful. You do this and you will succeed and the world that you once desperately tried to seek attention of is at your feet looking above at you in awe as you skyrocket past all the people who work just so that the society can see their worth.

You get things done, day in and day out because you want to and because you can.

The minute you value the response from the world over the response from your consciousness, you have already lost.

Do things because you want to and I guarantee you that you can forget about all your regrets.