There is no greater pride in this world than taking on this world just by being yourself.

In a world where people are confined to a system, you are born with chains that can only be broken if you choose to.

A river that constantly flows, taking everything that immerses itself in it.

You are encouraged to be yourself but only to be called different from others when you exhibit your true self.

This is what drives people away from their authentic selves and into a factorised, pre-programmed being that acts as how others do.

We hide behind this facade of deceit and deception that we believe is fooling the world but in reality we are the ones who are getting played.

Don’t think something or be someone because others want you to. Do and be and feel only because you choose to.

You can fool everybody. Hell, you can even fool yourself. The only thing you can’t fool is that thread of universe that exists within us called conscience.

When you start to live everyday in accordance with your authentic self, everything changes.

The way you look at the world, the way you talk, the way you walk. Everything.

You can be proud of your actions because the only person who is behind them is yourself.

Control is possible.

You start with yourself. When you know that your actions and your thoughts are influenced by your will, you take control over your life.

A river that constantly flows, taking everything that immerses itself in it.

Don’t let the river wash you away. Don’t try to build a dam that will eventually break some day. Hold your ground, move when you want to, stop when you need to.

Be the master. Not the puppet.


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