Who are they to tell you how much you are worth?

Who are they to tell you that you are only capable of so much?

Who are they to lead the world with a leash around the throat?

Your self worth is solely dependent on how you carry yourself in the world.

Walk with your head held high with a pride in your stride.

Walk knowing that there will be no one as determined and as focussed as you are.

Speak as if you are the master of your words.

Speak with valor and with confidence. Let your words and your voice be the testament of your actions.

Never be satisfied with the success you have.

Satisfaction leads to complacency.

Always crave more, want more, do more and be more.

No matter how high you are than everybody else, know that there is a divine spirit in all of us just like there is one in you.

Be humble. But be sure of yourself.

Being humble is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign that your feet is still on the ground even though your head is in the skies above.

We are all born with this ever burning fire within us. Only after 35 years of living we realize that it wasn’t so ever burning after all.

Once that fire is extinguished, there is no going back after that.

Let that fire burn bright.

Let that fire spark the purest version of yourself.

Let that spark guide you towards greatness.


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