I saw this video on YouTube called “People reacting to being called beautiful”.

The video is the backbone behind this post.

The title itself is pretty self explanatory. But the beauty behind each reaction is the rawness of it.

It’s because being called beautiful is the last thing your mind would expect someone to say to you out of the blue, let alone a stranger.

Hearing these words, your face expression suddenly changes without you having any voluntary control over it.

It’s such a genuine expression, the way you react to such a compliment is purely based on how you view yourself.

Saying that you’re beautiful is one of those words that you can never tell enough to yourself but when someone else tells it to you, you’re just completely flushed with emotions.

Sometimes you consider this to be a sarcastic remark because you just cannot comprehend the thought of someone calling you beautiful.

But most of us smile on hearing such words and that smile is one of the most beautiful smiles a human being can express.

When you think someone is genuinely beautiful, go and tell them that they are. We want to hear all these words from someone else but we don’t realize that another person would want to hear them as well.

We are all beautiful, spiritual creations with a purpose in this world.


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