Speak Up!

All our lives we have been taught to speak only when we are required to.

We have never been given the freedom of freely voicing our thoughts as we live in a  “supposed” politically correct world and speaking our mind is an offence.

You need to speak your mind.

Nobody will know what you’re thinking or what you are wanting to say truly until you say it.

The hardest part about speaking your mind is the part that comes before speaking out loud.

Not speaking up in time is one of the biggest causes of regret.

When you like someone, you tell them. You say what you have been meaning to say and you go on from there.

The minute you begin to hold back on your words, it will only lead to an endless supply of what ifs.

All those words suppressed, will keep anchoring your spirit slowly until one day you want to speak out everything you have been holding onto for all this time.
You shout so loud, in hopes of the world to hear.

You shout so loud that you hope all those missed opportunities will come back to life.

You open your eyes and you realise it’s just you and the whole world is different just because you refused to speak up just for a second of fear giving you a life full of regrets.

That girl who you always had the butterflies for is with somebody else just because you were scared to speak.

Once that moment goes by, and it went by because you failed to act, well that’s on you.


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