Needing something is a more driving factor than wanting something.

Can anybody get what they want?

Of course they can.

It is always the people who do not have something that end up getting it.

The catch here is to understand that what these people lack is what they need the most and this void is what pushes them forward.

This need for what you lack feels like a birthright taken away from you.

You blame the world because every person you see has it and you don’t.

This anger and disappointment is converted into positive drive.

So you hustle to get it.

But not every individual converts these emotions into positive drive.

Some take this a way to exert their anger on to the world.

Some accept what they have been given and stay on neutral grounds.

This explains why the most determined poor always find the pot of gold under the rainbow because they wanted it more than the others because the hunger drives them.

When I say poor it is a figurative and literal way of describing someone who is in complete depletion of something they want.

For eg, (not to be confused with the exceptions) Children of rich and powerful fathers are not as successful or more successful than their fathers because they had it all and their hunger isn’t just enough.

Most people live a normal life because they are satisfied with what they have.

Being content kills that drive for more.

The drive to have more of everything.

We would never say that a certain amount  of happiness is enough right? We would always want more happiness as we are not losing anything by gaining more happiness.

I mean some would argue that being content is important.

When would oil companies say “Well that’s enough oil for one lifetime”?

When would bankers say “Well that’s enough money for one lifetime”?

These are the scenarios where the need for content is actually neeeded.

But according to me, if your hunger has no negative impact on yourself, other people and the world then go for it.

Let that hunger take you forward.

You need motivation to do anything. People want to be rich,  but they don’t have the drive to do something in order to get rich.

That’s what causes people to rob, to kill, to steal because the hunger consumes them. The hunger has been converted to negative actions rather than positive actions.

Let that hunger be your reason to wake up every morning and take on life.

Let that hunger help you in conquering the world.



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