Eye For An Eye

If you woke up one night with a knife to your throat, what would you do?

‘Sacrifice one of the two eyes you have or give up your life trying to save both’ he said.

How could you possibly pick amongst the two? When one of your eyes is equally important and necessary as both of them?

When people struggle to choose between a pair of shirts, how can you make such a decision?

Is your life more important than your eyes? Or is it the other way around?

This scenario is applicable to any part of our body which exists in pairs.

You can’t possibly choose between your hands, your legs or even your ears.

This has to do with the psychology of similarity and the psychology of usage.

Let us change the scenario and let’s assume you’re blind in one eye and the same question is posed upon you, obviously you would sacrifice the blind eye to save the good one and your life itself as the blind eye is different and poses no actual use to you.

It is as simple as that.

But this decision is what we all make every single day of our lives.

We take sides.

We see what we want to see and turn a blind eye to the things that goes against our ethos.

In one eye, we see the world in its most desperate form and in the other we see our family, our commitments. What do you think most of us would choose?

You can only stay in neutral grounds for so long. You have to take sides or you’re going to lose both your eyes.

But before you take sides, you must see with both your eyes first. You must see things without any prejudice and then make the decision.

No matter how hard you try to stay neutral because you don’t want to lose either, your heart will make the decision for you. Whether you follow it is up to you.

Live everyday of your life seeing with both your eyes. Don’t lose the sight of one over the other just because it’s gold on one end and diamonds on the other.

They are both valuable.


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