Wake up everyday with a fire brewing inside of you.

Wake up everyday knowing that today will be the day that you will change your life around.

There is a saying that goes like this, “Live everyday as if it were your last”. I mean I get the meaning behind this. But our mind is wired in such a way that we just can’t simply think today could be potentially our last day.

So let me rephrase this, “Live everyday as if today was the last day you get to show ¬†who you really are and what your potential is”.

I don’t know what happened to us but apparently procrastination is a thing now. It’s sort of this narcissistic way of saying that you have better things to do than focus on your goals.

Everyday is a chance for you to make something of yourself.

Is it hard for you to get up every morning because you have so many weights tied around your ankles and neck that you just cannot get up?

Cut them off.

You will not get a better moment than right now to let go of all the things that has been suffocating you for God only knows how long.

The only person you are killing by carrying the mountain of guilt, pain and worry is yourself.

Stop trying to glue your wounds together. Celebrate them. Let them be the reason for you to get up every single day.

It is about darn time you start giving importance to yourself. Be the best version of yourself possible. Always be a learner of yourself. The minute you start to believe that you cannot evolve anymore, you have lost.

Don’t change for anyone other than yourself. The more you change looking at others, the more you become like everybody else. Normal.

Be different.

When you want to be faster than Usain Bolt, you can’t be faster than him by trying to be Usain Bolt.

The only way you’re going to be faster than him is if you become someone who is faster than him.

Always be the highest thinker and the achiever in the room.

Let your past be the living proof of the version of yourself you need to avoid or improve.

Be yourself because there will be nobody like you. Period.




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