The sun rises and falls every day and every night.

The sun is always there. The rise and the fall are just an illusion to show the biggest example of how life works.

All of our dreams and problems are right in front of us, cleverly disguised by nature. The strongest mind can only see beyond nature’s veil.

Everything rises just so that it can fall. It falls so that it can rise again. The rising and falling is synonymous to the tides of the sea.

From a cell to a star.

From a baby to a man.

The concept of falling may differ but the roots are firmly embedded to the core of the concept.

As a baby you fall. Literally.

As a teenager you fall in love and get broken into pieces.

You sleep under a blanket of stars while the moon and the sun take shifts just to protect you.

It was such a perfect world. Was.

We are all trapped in a dome of our sins, deeds, choices and decisions.

Life truly begins when we break free out of this dome.

The choice is yours whether oblivion takes you out of it or whether you wake up from your slumber.

It’s more than just surviving. It’s about understanding who we are and why we are here.

All the names of those who came before us whom we do not know yet still remember is because all those people realized their purpose.

We all can.



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