Turn Around 

All my life I have  been taught to keep moving forward.

‘Don’t stop, keep moving’ they said.

The concept of monotonous movement is etched in our heads.

What is the point of moving forward if I don’t know what I am walking away from or from what I am walking towards to?

I felt the world burn behind me.

I wanted to look back, I wanted to see what I was walking away from.

But we were never taught to help the world.

All I could feel was the heat clawing onto my back.

‘Somebody else will save the world. It’s not our job’ they said.

Well, who is that somebody?

I don’t see anybody turning around to save the world.

All we do is follow the person in front of us to God only knows where.

When did saving the world become a job and not a responsibility?

When did our problem become somebody else’s problem?

You know what’s the biggest irony? Hear this.

Take a good long stare at the mirror.

The person who you expect to make this world a better place is staring right back at you.

You don’t have to turn around. Let the mirror do the job for you.



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