What could I ever say about a world that wasn’t alive?

All I ever did was try to survive.

Overgrown fields of grass hiding the footprints of those who came before.

When did the silence become so deafening?

I could have sworn that once all I wanted was the quiet.

My eyes gleamed with the fire that surrounded me.

But all the wood in the world couldn’t satisfy the fire that burnt within me.

Surrounded by signs, but I still can’t find my way home.

Snowcaped mountains reached for the stars and I thought climbing them would bring me closer to the Gods.

But the more I climbed, the more I craved the ground.

I was stuck in between two worlds with a choice to make.

A choice between the familiar and the unfamiliar.

I could see the canopies covering the earth from observers like I peering down on the world.

The air thinned as I moved up. It’s almost as if the mountain is testing my will to reach the top.

Why should I go through all of this just to be above the world?

Why must a soul rise above when the ground is where I was born on?

And then I saw it.

All around me, the world I had to once see by looking up was now below.

It wasn’t just about the view or the feeling or the accomplishment of reaching the summit.

It is to know you are above the person you once were on the ground.

All it took was perception that changed my life forever.



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