Wheels & Legs 

Life moves forward.

It just moves. Linearlly.

A red light appeared above.

All motion slowed down when the light made its presence to the world.

Can one colour slow life down?

An executive sedan slowed down  and stopped  due to the same reason.

The windows were darkened.

To not the sunlight in.

To also not allow the outside world to pry.

A woman with torn clothes with patches of stain and poor stitch marks moved past the traffic looking at all the cars.

She looked at everyone but nobody looked at her.

She walked, with her child in one arm.

Her hair was dry and falling apart like her life.

Her face was smeared with the paint of poverty.

She approached the sedan.

The darkened windows served their purpose.

She stared at her own reflection on something she knew she can never dream of owning.

She knocked and curved her palms and moved them in a manner that translated to “I’m poor, give me money”.

The souls aboard saw her.

All eyes turned away at the sight of her.

All but one.

A child stared at her in bewilderment.

A child born with everything and more than the woman it is staring at.

Two different worlds in one world.

Seperated by one window.

The once red light now changed to green.

Can one colour slow life down? 

No, it cannot.

Life always moves forward.

The sedan moved forward in a procession behind the other cars while the woman stayed still, watching.


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