We have all been blessed with the gift of life.
Nothing we receive from the universe is eternal.
Just like everything else, all life must come to an end.
We have both life and death within us.

When we kill another life,

We become death itself.
Our spirit is corrupted by the loss of another life.

The power to live and the power to take a life is within us all.

Now the catch here is understanding what happens when suicide occurs.

Why is that considered a greater sin than taking someone else’s life? 

Because when we live, there is a balance within us. 

Death and life exists together in each of us. 

But when we end our life, death overshadows the other and both get separated breaking the balance. 

Death comes when it has to and when it comes it will take life within itself.

But the death that is unforeseen is only foreseen by the universe.  

Death is balanced here and is equated to another life.

Only the universe has control over this.

But when the bearers of both life and death become death on a whole the universe shifts due to the imbalance.

To bring back the balance, new lives are created and new deaths occur around us just to overcome the one cause of imbalance.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
This principle governs the universe itself.
The world is in the state that it is in now because death overcame life itself.
Due to the wrong decisions made even though we had the power to make the right one.

But why do we have the power to both live, take a life and die?

Why should we be blamed if we have power of such magnitude?

The soul is freethinking.

We have the power over both life and death only for us to realize what insurmountable power we have over the world. 

That all life is precious, 

To realize this is life.

To not realize this is death.

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