Nothing remains motionless in this universe. We move within our own little world that is enclosed among many other worlds in a world all together.

 You are born in to the shoes of someone who’s fate has already been written. Yet we have choices and decisions that alter our lives in its own ways. 

If we know that nothing can change what’s engraved on your soul before you were born, why do we try so hard for a chance to make a difference?

 We make so many choices are entire lives. We think the choice we made is different to what we originally considered and that by doing so we changed our entire future. 

What we don’t understand is that even though there are a universe of endless possibilities, you had to make that choice yours and that ends up being your fate. It was your fate all along. 

Our lives are parallel through time, there are no curves. We think the imaginary curve is actually a flaw in the way the system works but is an illusion.

All of our decisions are embedded in the fabric of time. If only we could see the outcomes of the choices that we didn’t make.

 Another world in this universe where you exist, is connected parallel. In that universe you make a different choice. The one you didn’t take.

Each choice made and not made opens up a parallel world but one thing all these worlds have in common is that, whatever choice you make, death is where the road ends.


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