She grew up as a child with endless happiness, enumerating joy.

When she ran across the field that spread across endlessly.

When the winds carried her feet across the expansion,

When time itself slowed down just to see her move gracefully.

Her eyes were bright, reflecting her soul to the world.

All the souls of the world felt a change,

When those eyes laid eyes upon them.

The purest form of life.

A Child.

Life was created to take form just like the child.

Where did we go wrong? We ask ourselves.

When our decisions clouds our humanity and our true purpose.

She grew up.

And those once bright eyes, began to fade away as time itself aged.

Now everything around her blazed past her,

only for her to stand and watch in awe of what happened.

When those eyes that were clear of any silhouette once,

now filled with everything that she never was.

They say, the eyes tell the truest story of your being.

But she had so many masks on that nobody knew which was her’s.

She grew up.

The once familiar time, slowed down once again but not for her.

The illusion of time slowing down is a figment in her mind,

clouding her actions as she was slower than time itself.

When she was once faster than time,

now failed to catch up.

The once familiar winds that used to carry her, blew past her,

like nothing ever happened.

Like a broken couple never looking at each other.

With feelings trapped so deep inside,

giving an illusion they are gone.

When she waited for oblivion to take her away,

so that she could live the life that she once led.

The life when she was greater than life itself.

When the purpose of creation were seen in her eyes.

Now those eyes are oblivious to the world.

She stood there, waiting.

Because, what was once sown, must be reaped.


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