The sailors looked up to the stars to guide them through the oceans of life.

Like a son looking up to his father.

The creation looking up to the creator.

Like fireflies in a cave trying to pave a way to those who stumble upon it.

All it takes is a flash in the night sky to guide them home.

Home, a home within a home.

As they explored the forbidden lands to find something that gleams their eyes.

They searched and searched but alas, all they found was shame.

They turned towards home with a void.

In the cold winter night, the essence of life that helped them stay afloat was everywhere.

Lost in the expansion of their true home, they realized how small they were.

If only something could guide them, they looked up and prayed to the Gods of infinite wisdom.

And then they saw it.

The Gods gave out their presence by giving out light to the mortal souls stranded in the abyss.

The moment the light struck their bodies, they knew that had found what they were searching for. Their eyes were gleaming.

They had found it.

Although they returned home with a void.

They had gone home with something irreplaceable.

Gleaming knowledge.


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