Silence Silences

We’re all afraid to die.

It just depends on when you realize it. But deep down we all fear the coming of the oblivion.

There is death around us everywhere. If people saw death everywhere, life wouldn’t be called life would it?

We walk down the roads that were once walked upon by those who came before us and before them and this goes on until memory serves us right.

We breathe the air of the forgotten souls. We breathe the air of those around us, when we inhale the air inside, we inhale a part of themselves inside.

Some people are eager to meet death because they’re tired of everything. They just want the feeling to go away, some fear death because there is so much left for them to do. So many dreams, so many stories to write in their book and when they finally stare death in the eyes, regret consumes them and they die not because of death but of regret of not living.

Make everyday count because when the day finally comes, you will stare in to death’s eyes and smile.


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