Rise & Fall

The human race was built by the cosmos to fall.

Everything was built to fall,
Whether it’s a cell or a star.

From birth, we were taught to get back up but not to fall.

Nobody learns to fall, it’s something that happens on it’s own. It’s the nature of life.

You have a choice, whether to pick yourself up or to stay down.

Falls are catastrophic. The way of life was designed on the uncertainties of the ups and the downs.

You can understand them, learn them but you can never manipulate them.

You can only stand for so long before your base of your being loses balances and tumbles down.

When you fall, you evolve. You evolve into something that you never thought you would become.

You can never stay at the top forever, you got to jump or be pushed from the back.

People climb mountains only to come down.

Skydivers go to the top of the world just to come down.

A child stands up the first time only to fall down and try again and again until the base of the being is strengthened to support the very existence and purpose behind life.

We rise only to fall and to rise again.


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