Get Inspired #7

We make mistakes in our lives, and we end up regretting them. We want to go back and undo those changes.

We always are in search of a new start, a new alias just so that you can be the person you are right now and not who you were.

You were a loser in high school but through all the bullying, you have changed for the better, you finally figured out how things work but you cannot remove the impression from other’s minds that you’re a loser, but actually you’re not a loser.

So you take your chance at college, a second chance to prove your worth. You do it right, you’ll be remembered forever. A second chance, that’s what this is. A chance not to repeat the mistakes you have done and to be someone that astonishes you every single day.

You fell in love for the first time and you got your heartbroken badly, there was nobody to catch your fall, so you fell down and you picked yourself up and through all that pain you learned a lot of things and the next time you get your heartbroken, it will hurt less.

It’s always good to keep moving, to keep breathing new air, to keep your blood flowing and your adrenaline pumping.

When you stay in one place, you’re going get overly attached to it or you’re going have a terrible time which will haunt you for a long time.

Keep moving, meet new people, change your ways but stay true to yourself, the only way to adapt is by understanding your circumstances and to play your cards right.

Once you meet the right people who are as weird as you, show your true colours and be weird with them for as long as you like.

When you know that your journey has come to an end, settle down and watch the sun settle down the mountains.


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