Get Inspired #6

It’s a common misconception to believe that sky is the limit.

But what the statement doesn’t tell you is that, there is a vast expansion way above the sky known as space.

You might think this is some geeky science article but no.

What is the definition of space?

The possibilities up there are endless, when you think you’re done on the ground, move up to the sky, and when you think you’re done with the sky move up into space, the vast expansion of emptiness is waiting to be conquered.

Emptiness with a whole new level of possibilities. Just when you think you have conquered it, there’s more.

It’s all about setting your limits or boundaries high.

Until oblivion awaits you, you got to keep your leg on the throttle, revving it hard.

A single star might blind you, but when you look around, you’re covered by stars.

Only when you understand your limits, you will know when to push them further.

Or maybe this whole article is a lie, what if the sky is a metaphor for your limit?

When you finally feel like you have accomplished something and you know that is where it ends, the benchmark. Maybe that’s the sky of your’s. But sky is limited, however you perceive it.

Let me rephrase the quote.

“Space is the limit”


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