Get Inspired #5

Humans are held in place by a leash.

A leash that prevents our movement.

A leash that hinders our thoughts.

A leash that keeps us in place.

The moment you’re born into this world, you are put on a leash and only when you die, it’s removed.

The leash is a test of strength and courage. It pulls you back by the neck when you cross the limit.

Leash is a metaphor for human thinking.

The more we learn and understand the purpose of human life, the rope stretches out more, providing a whole new range of opportunities.

When we realise that, all this killing is pointless and when love is what prevails in the end.

It’s more of an awakening.

The more you perceive the world around you, the more you learn and the more you learn, your boundaries of thinking are pushed forward, making the leash longer.

One day, when you realise your place in the universe and understand how and why things work, the leash is broken, setting you free.


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