7 billion people and counting.

A world where life was formed just to survive alone and not survive together.

A world where the fittest are actually the weakest.

Our history books filled with blood and sorrow. All we see are the pictures and the words but not the pain behind all that suffering.

A world where if a man kills a million people, his name is in the history books forever whereas if a man feeds the homeless, only he remembers his name and the people he helped but not the world.

Our world is at a point where humans kill each other to prove nothing. Where humans kill each other to conquer nations. Where humans kill each other for peace. Oh, the irony.

The thing that gets me is that, people killing in the name of God.

What are they killing to prove? People see the possibilities of different Gods and in order to prove one’s superiority over the other, blood is shed.

What the thinking of the human prevents you to see is that, the person you’re killing to prove your dominance is created by the very God that created him and you. Why can’t we just accept that, despite all the different names and groups, we’re all just human?

We keep dividing ourselves further and further, dragging us away from our one true goal, Being Human.


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