People have no idea on how their every action can affect someone’s life in its own unimaginable way. It’s all about the way it is perceived in and the way it is delivered.

People always expect someone else to begin so that they can follow. We expect the society to change. But we don’t realize that we are the ones that comprises of the so called ‘Society’.

Not everyone is like this, some people eagerly await for an opportunity to show their human mind to the world, some go out and get it. The similarity is that, both of these people get good outcomes but when you go out into the world to prove your worth, the opportunities are endless. It is just whether you are ready to accept your scenario given and to make the most of it.

Words said or written have tremendous impacts. It just depends on the person who perceives it. Everyone has their own medium of understanding.

Some people need the warmth of humans. The power of touch. We all have the power to change the world, it is just possible if we’re ready to get down from Mt.Ego.

It is better to hug someone rather to say “Everything will be alright” or to write it down. It all depends on the person.

Do not be afraid to express your thoughts and emotions, once held back, they will form a web around your heart preventing you from being the one thing we’re all born to do. Be Human.


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