“When you love someone, you say it. You say it out loud. Even if it burns your world to the ground, you say it and go from there” – Mark Sloan (Grey’s Anatomy)

Regrets haunt us. They haunt us for a long time until something compensates your loss.

The need to do something but not having enough courage to do so and regretting it later.

The failure that could’ve become a success but you didn’t try hard enough and regretting it later.

When you loved someone and you didn’t have the courage to go forward and tell that person and watch that person be with someone else.

Even when you try to tell yourself that your regret isn’t worth it, it doesn’t let go of you.

Regret is a parasite feeding on your remorse.

The point of this is not to criticise your past but to work out your present.

When you do something, make sure you give 100%. It’s easier said than done, unless it is something that you really like and want.

Whenever you feel like giving up, think about how this issue done differently, can change your life forever.

When you really love someone, you say it. It is because when you have a chance and you don’t take it, it is going to haunt you. Believe me, it will.

No matter what the outcome maybe, you got to get that off your chest. It is because even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll know that you tried.

When you don’t say it, deep down you’re going to constantly have that hope that, what if she would said have yes?

That’s not right.

We’re all travelling down different roads that ultimately converge into one.

We make choices that make us take diversions, but each road has its own perks and falls.

You control your own path.

No regrets.


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